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TBS Way is the place our guests find a “home” away from home and office - it is their favorite 3rd place! Either as a day starter where they can enjoy magnificent coffee and beverages accompanied with tasteful and fulfilling snacks. 

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A Unique Journey




The Beginning

It all started with TBS The Bakery shop, founded in Egypt in 2008, having three childhood friends – Tarek, Basel, and Sameh (T, B & S) sharing same values and ambitions, who decided to create a bigger family by delivering superior value to the community. 


The Concept

TBS WAY is tailored to serve a different segment; the youngsters as well as people looking for convenience and a fast in-store experience. It is convenient, grab and go, a whole new fresh concept


A Unique Concept

004 TBS Way - PHASE 3 - New Store Concep


TBS Way is the place to feel satisfied! It fully covers every need for a delightful start to the day, a break from the routine or a replenishment after the hectic, everyday rush.

004 TBS Way - PHASE 3 - New Store Concep


TBS Way has changed the way we snack today! It has become the way to reward oneself for small or great achievements! The unique premium coffee tastes and delectable snacking choices, the friendly staff that support and guide you in the journey of new choices and the convenience close to the action in your everyday route. 

004 TBS Way - PHASE 3 - New Store Concep


Routine is boring, so why your coffee and snacking options should be the same day in day out? At TBS Way, everyday is a new discovery of taste and senses, a continuous adventure to keep you coming again and again

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Take a Closer Look

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