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Community Fondness

A driving factor for our entrepreneurial nature is our fondness towards our community. We genuinely care for all aspects that lead to the wellbeing of our surrounding.

TBS Junior Baker Summer Program

What better way to contribute to our community than by investing in its future? As apparent as it is, our youth are our future and fueling their minds and energizing their souls to broaden their horizons is the path towards healthy growth. Our youngsters had the chance to join us during summer in a special program to teach them how to bake, upsell, and operate in TBS stores. They also learned the TBS safety and quality guidelines, offering real lifetime experience. This program wraps the business world in an engaging snapshot for our future leaders to grasp and benefit from whether they choose to enroll themselves in the corporate world or if they choose to lead their own entrepreneurial startups. This is what we call value for people.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In considering the community, our environment becomes a burning platform for us to come up with innovative solutions. Our 3Rs campaign was the first of its kind. Launched at the North Coast, our objective was to encourage our customers to bring product packaging back to our stores to be reused and recycled. In making use out of waste, we were able to turn the collected material into a range of stationary, including notebooks, to-do lists, and sketchbooks. Our main success factor was the fact that we were able to turn 1200 pieces of scrap that would have just been another environmentally destructive elements to useful pieces of material.


In a patriotic need for change, we decided to incorporate our efforts in the historic moment of the 2012 presidential election. To mark this event by encouraging as many people as possible to vote of the future of their country, TBS did what it does best and decided to bake its way towards a better future! Supported by a Facebook campaign and video, the Got Ink? Campaign was designed to give customers who turned up with a purple index finger, indicating that they have contributed their vote, a free baked good. An approximate number of around 16,500 free products were given in demonstration of our support of change.

kahk 10 k.png
Kahk coins.JPG


Our bakery hands go beyond our goodies ovens, they reach far out to any stranded or deserted hand in need for livelihood. If you are wondering what we do with our unsold fresh products, well we have partnered up with the Egyptian Food Bank to distribute all surplus food to those who need it most. In doing that, we have held numerous hands and given the needed warmth of compassion and we have eradicated food waste in the process.

In further spreading our hands, we held an initiative in 2016 with the sole purpose of sending the message that in the face of daily hassles and achievements, humanity should never be neglected. In observing the phenomenon of the presence of more than 250,000 refugees in Egypt, we felt an urge to make them feel at home. Contrary to societal norms and definitions of “good” and which areas require attention, we felt that our people who seek refuge in our country deserve a pleasant welcome. In producing our Kahk during Eid, we created each box with a single missing Kahk biscuit. With the sale of one box, a single biscuit went to form the boxes to be given out. Each box included a token that represented how many kahks the customers have shared with refugees in Egypt. Following the accumulation of all contributed Kahk, boxes were delivered to the refugees’ doorsteps with a whole-hearted welcome message. “Kilo Kahk Ela Kahka” was an innovative campaign to get us all to stop and reflect. 


From the hand straight to the heart, “The Heart Hour,” is a campaign where we devote one hour daily during a selected month, where a percentage of our sales is donated to the Magdy Yacoub Heart Foundation. With this initiative, we continue to develop deeper in understanding the essence of a collectivist community.

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10 years of tbs.PNG

10 Years of TBS

For 10 years of TBS, we have made it our duty to have 10 different celebrations to send our big thank you to our community. From doing great work with Egypt’s Food Bank and standing with Baheya foundation in support of breast cancer awareness, to endorsing energized individuals through collaborating with Cairo Runners and Befit and all the way to offering convenience through leading service providers like Uber and Otlob – we have been able to mark our 10 years.

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