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Ryhana is the main arm supplying semi-finished and finished goods to TBS, Delicious Bakery, and The Four Fat ladies. It operates three manufacturing segments bakery; producing the core bakery and pastry offerings. Ryhana’s kitchen is a quality provider of cooking products such as meat and poultry. It is currently operating a nascent B2B that aims to diversify its customer base and complement its revenue streams through supplying frozen and fully baked products to different cafes and restaurants.  

In 2010, we perceived an opportunity to broaden our horizons and to allow our freshly baked idea to reach out to the senses of a wider population of needs and wants. We wanted to ensure that we are reaching out through direct and indirect channels, which is why we launched a third B2B business line. This line caters to a variety of market needs, which we perceived as untapped potential and unreached audience. Serving in hotels, cafes, restaurants, and corporates has really signified our objective to sell an idea more than just a product or a brand name. We believe that all else may diminish but an idea always stays alive and stands any test of time and in our case, our idea is to satisfy our people and offer superior quality.

We attempt to consistently innovate to reach the best solutions to all our targeted groups. The best solutions for us, are ones that offer value through convenience, ease, and satisfaction. For this reason, we have recently launched “corporate menu,” a premium service that delivers TBS products to the workplace. Currently accounting for 5% of total revenue, B2B is expected to grow its share significantly over the next three years.

In 2012, we launched the Butler’s Box, which is mainly targeted towards Egypt’s corporate community. The idea of the box was derived from an observation of an opportunity. The opportunity was to hammer on an evident need for convenience and quality offerings at the workplace. We make it our promise to avoid focusing on the obvious and truly delve deep into understanding possible daily struggles or needs. We then make it a priority to come up with innovative solutions for your comfort and ease.

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We stay true to reinvesting in our machinery and equipment to ensure highest level of quality, rather than purely channeling our profits into increasing presence expansion. As TBS, we believe our offerings should not be selective in the sense that they should be viable for all those wishing to receive it. For this reason, we have scaled our business by launching Delicious Bakery, which is a second-tier brand targeting supermarkets and governorates. It offers freshly baked value-for-money bread and pastries. Delicious Bakery is available in more than twenty five supermarkets,, this business offering caters to untapped segments and thus makes TBS a well-rounded and an inclusive business model. 

Adding to the wide-ranging array of offerings, The Four Fat Ladies is an all American gourmet bakery that offers a wide range of products, flavors, and unique combinations. Targeting a niche segment in society with limited market access to its needs and wants, the Four Fat Ladies offers products free from preservatives, artificial fats, sugar substitutes, and other additives. With choices ranging from classic two layer frosted cakes, bars, and brownies to the lighter options such as Bundt cakes and other healthier alternatives, the Four Fat Ladies has got its selective customer covered.

f you are a TBS family member, then you definitely recognize its presence in TOTAL Egypt. TBS has signed an exclusive franchise agreement with TOTAL to open identified branches in prime locations that solely stand by the TBS brand.

The TBS Family has brought to life a new brand; TBS WAY. It is an extension that is tailored to serve a different segment; the youngsters as well as people looking for convenience and a fast instore experience. TBS Way will be planting its roots in The Knowledge Hub, where students can grab our fresh products & premium coffee on their way to classes. It is convenient, grab and go, a whole new fresh concept.

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