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In 2008, a revolution began in the Egyptian food industry. A new kind of bakery was born. Our ambition was clear: establish the leading bakery business in Egypt by acquiring the latest technology and developing the skills of our employees.


A fusion of people orientation along with infinite sprinkles of core family beliefs freshly baked into an idea to give you The Bakery Shop.


The gest of this captivating story revolves around an impulse of three childhood friends – Tarek, Basel, and Sameh (T, B & S). A simple friendship of shared values and ambitions, creating a family which later chose to expand this family by delivering superior value through a wider reach. Aside from profits and growth, there was an observed opportunity of employment and a clearly perceived added value to the community.  

In the summer of 2008, our first TBS store in the Diplomats Resort in the North Coast, appealed to all senses and built a robust connection with customers. Word of mouth is what gave the brand its breath of life and our truthfulness is keeping it alive.

We believe in dynamic operations, which is why we invested our time and focus on research in order to ensure the legitimacy of our work. We have acquired latest trends, machinery, and ingredients through visits to local and international bakeries to get the proper exposure and replicate with pride and originality. Initially being a small startup did not halt us from investing in our “know how” and development of skills. We started small by renting a local bakery for a day in the Nile Delta so that our chef could devise great quality products. That was the start, but it was a significant one that made us believe in the essence of investing in our improvement and the proper tools and equipment that would allow us to flourish.

With unwavering urge to simply settle for the best, we have had copious trials of sampling our pastry products until we were certain of the end result. With the first launch being a complete triumph to the senses and with the far-flung expansion of our existence, TBS has marked a beginning of a novel legacy. It is a story that began with one store to reach out to the customer and is escalating with a ten year chain of events of twenty nine branches, and yet there’s more to come.

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