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It is common practice for a business to grow and expand while losing its core values. However, the concept is rather familiar than hierarchical. We do not hire “employees,” we believe in work associates who equally possess ownership to the workplace. Granting our associates and family members this sense of ownership and responsibility towards the business is what allowed for surpassing market expectations. This involvement, the power and voice of each associate has turned around the business concept to a concept of overarching mutuality and has created a shared objective of working to maximum potential to fulfill the business needs.

TBS strongly believes in the development of people. We invest to yield productivity, efficiency, and engagement in the workplace. Associates are provided with extensive training to aid in excelling their careers. Our supply heroes, also known as our chefs, are sent to Europe’s and the Middle East’s best bakery suppliers – Puratos in Belgium and Lebanon so they could acquire the latest technologies and bring it back home to be tailored to your needs.

In harmony, we flourish

As we continue to undergo successful expansions, we feel determined to preserve our reputation as a local bakery with a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. This atmosphere is one that allows our work associates to feel in sync and to recognize that their works are purposefully integrated and lead to the all-encompassing objectives of the business. To feel this connection, our associates engage in annual gatherings, which allow for all members of the TBS family across the country to get to know one another. Purposeful events as these gatherings allow for cohesive future business opportunity planning. Work associates take ownership into organizing events to build relationships with one another from holding Iftar gatherings during the holy month of Ramadan to exchanging vows for newborn babies and for wedding ceremonies. Our goal is to reach well-roundedness in all aspects of our operations, with a work life balance that allows for our associates to engage in activities they enjoy, we create an impetus for further productivity.

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