The story of The Bakery Shop is one that can only be told in fairytales. Since the inception of TBS in 2008, it has become one of the most successful Egyptian business ventures in recent years. It all started in the summer of 2008 where three childhood friends Tarek El Nazer, Basel Mashhour and Sameh El Sadat decided to fill a gap missing in Egypt. The missing ingredient was an authentically fresh local bakery that serves everything from bread to pastries.


The genius behind the first branch is that it was opened in a resort in the North Coast during the busiest of summers. There was not one bakery worth mentioning over there but these three young, talented and ambitious men decided to take a summer bakery to another level. The success was unprecedented and in less than 5 years, TBS had opened eight branches across Egypt.


What makes TBS special is that everything is baked in front of you. The three friends were so passionate about their cause that they went through all the necessary research in order to build a fortress of a bakery. El Sadat decided to hire one of the most talented bakers in Egypt and the little idea they had, become successful beyond imagination.


The TBS trademark became their famous croissants. There were no disagreements on which bakery in Egypt provided the best croissants. In fact, they quickly created a legacy that if you ask anyone "Where can I get the best croissants in Egypt?", the answer will be "TBS!" almost every time.


The "It's so fresh, it's baked in front of you!" slogan has now become embedded in the minds of Egyptians. They go to the bakery and see everything for themselves. It's like heaven on earth for a bread enthusiast!


Oh, how did the name TBS came about? Well, we'll just let you figure that one out on your own.


A Fresh Look at CSR

TBS launched several fresh/ new CSR activities delivering different messages to its clients starting from promoting recycling to the idea of participation in elections hoping a better future. Now TBS is taking it a step further of not only launching activities but putting in place a proper strategy for TBS CSR engagements.

Endeavor Top Grower

A project was held by Endeavor Global to identify the fastest growing companies within their network; TBS was among the top 15 fastest growing Endeavor entrepreneurs in terms of revenues.

Growth Prospects Assessment

A case study/ report prepared by LBS highlighting some issues that TBS management should address in terms of challenges as the business grows. The report propose how different means to tackle the challenges.