TBS & The Community



At TBS we care about the community, the environment and the country as a whole. Egyptians gave us a great deal and we thought it would only be fair to give something back. Through projects such as the “Waste Collection Points Project” and “Got Ink!” we contribute in helping Egypt become an environment friendly country.

The Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Campaign enabled our customers to recycle after enjoying TBS. The launching of the Campaign began with producing stationary items produced from collected waste and in one month we were able to place products in each of our branches that are fully recycled.


The “Got Ink!” campaign was one of a kind in Egypt. In order to encourage participation in the parliamentary elections in Egypt, all TBS branches offered free products to costumers that had ink on their finger (which is a sign that they had voted).

NM-Logo.jpgWe all want Egypt to be a better place, and that's why TBS have partnered with Nahdet El Mahrousa, an NGO, to bring you NM Monthly Monday; a gathering that is held on the first Monday of every month for the NM members, project teams and NM core staff to update each other, and brainstorm ideas to help Egypt’s development.



Injaz Egypt works with 12-22 year old students across Egypt to enhance and educate them in different professional fields. With dedicated business leaders as mentors, these 'corporate volunteers' give youth practical training on how to succeed in the private sector. Injaz's primary goal is to make sure the leaders of today can create leaders for tomorrow.